Tuition Discounts


My education and that of my pupils' is of paramount importance to me. Thus, I have devised a few offers based on discounts:

- 20% discount for 10 tuition sessions paid in advance
- 10% discount for 6 tuition sessions paid in advance

Online tuition £20 / 60 minutes
- first 20 min within the first tuition session for free trial
- pay 5 tuition sessions in advance and get online tuition for £15 / language lesson
- pay 10 tuition sessions in advance and get online tuition for £12 / language lesson

Thinking of your friends…


When introducing a new student, both you and the new learner get 20% discount on the following lesson.

Do think about it!

It's a win-win situation!

Online Course lessons of your choice via Moodle VLE:
- £5/student, subject to a class of more than 7 language learners
- £7/student, for a class of 5-7 learners learners
- minimum no. of learners in the virtual class is 5.
(please send your request to contact[at]

Who I am?

Liliana StroianI am a young, patient and enthusiastic tutor who loves teaching and sharing knowledge. Our common advantage is that I am actually a self-taught polyglot, that is, I have taught myself languages from scratch on top of private tuition, which enables me to insist more upon spelling and pronunciation, use of language and culture, combining various methods and strategies by which I personally was able to acquire language and literature knowledge.

I believe in interactive teaching using modern methods such as role-play, debates or simulation. Also increasing the student's motivation and self-confidence is equally important.

I love children and their creativity.