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The Internet-a valuable resource for GCSE tuition

Many parents show concern with the use of the Internet for language tuition. However, in my experience as a language tutor, teacher and linguist of a non-British origin, I have discovered that my students respond better to animated learning and genuine resources. I personally tend to use genuine resources for diagnosis tests: (interactive video […]

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Learn the language, but not just for the exam

Hi, everyone I have always believed learning a language is not merely about studying it in school, but you should make contact with that country’s lifestyle by reading internet articles, watching foreign films and plunging into its culture. Perhaps you cannot afford to go there, but do make pen-pals and have ‘virtual trips’ to each […]

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The Advantages of Online Tuition

The world evolves. Technology plays a significant part in our lives, whether we like it or not. We use the Internet to keep ourselves up-to-date with world events and keep in contact with our dear friends, family and colleagues. Nowadays, job interviews are done via Skype, so can’t we have online lessons? Well, shall I […]

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