About me

I hold Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) granted by General Teaching Council for England. I have passed all QTS skills tests required to teach in the UK: literacy, numeracy and ICT, and am able to prepare for them to be passed by trainee teachers.

I’ve been tutoring and translating since 2nd year of University, have had native teachers and professors for both English and French and am currently in contact with Spanish Language Meetup Groups.

I have experience in teaching English for school exams, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), ESL (English as a Second Language) and French both abroad and in the UK.

I have taught English and French full time in schools to students aged 7-19 and ESOL to adults in language colleges and private, as well as Spanish up to GCSE, as part of my school experience in the UK.

Currently, I teach and have great results at GCSE, A Level, but I also have an 11+ English pupil.
I can prepare my students for 11+, 13+, GCSE, ‘A’ Levels, General French, English and Spanish. ESOL, IELTS, Cambridge (all levels)

I also work as a freelance translator-interpreter, sworn and affiliated to the Romanian Embassy in London and several other translation companies. I also work as a qualified public service interpreter registered with NRPSI. (National Register of Public Service Interpreters).

Availability and Cancellation Policy

I teach at my pupils’ places or online. I do believe my pupils feel more familiar, relaxed and comfortable within their own premises. I hold a CRB – well, 2 in fact: one from an agency, one from Middlesex University.
Normally I do one-to-one tuition (via Skype), but, by request, I am able to do pair/ group tuition (using a group virtual learning environment) and the fee will be modified accordingly.

I am available afternoons, weekends and sometimes mornings, but I do charge 50% of the tuition fee if no two-working day’s cancellation notice is given.

Moreover, if more tuition sessions are cancelled consecutively, the tutee will accept a rain check for the second tutoring session or offer to pay full tuition fee during the break, in order to secure his/her place.

As a personal remark, my parents never cancelled tuition, as they thought inconsistency broke branches from the tree of knowledge.

Please consider that interruption may impact negatively, as it brings about regress, through waste of time, rather than gradual progress and knowledge consistency on your way to SUCCESS.

Therefore, I do encourage online tuition (as stated in my article The Advantages of Online Tuition and more flexibility (a 24-hour only cancellation notice) is provided by using this economical option.

All you need is a microphone, headphones and Skype or yahoo messenger installed on your machine (for free).

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