This section is about group e-learning, also known as distance learning.

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Such learning is ideal for crash courses for Common Entrance,  GCSE or ‘A’ Level when the exam is just round the corner, or for learning and practising a language at different levels, such as beginning, intermediate, advanced, or specialised, such as business (business English, le français des affaires, el español de negocios.

It is designed in order to shorten the distance, it saves travel time and public transport fees or car fuel.

In terms of effectiveness, the virtual environment is as effective as having face-to-face tuition.Moreover, in order to avoid technical imperfections the class duration is extended, from 1 hour to 1:30 hours. The lessons are cost-effective, as well. This is emphasised in the Prices section of this website:

£5/student, subject to a class of more than 7 language learners
– £7/student, for a class of 5-7 learners learners
– minimum no. of learners in the virtual class is 5.
(please send your request to contact[at]lys-languages.co.uk)

With all this being said, there’s nothing else for me to add, except.

Best of luck!
Bonne chance!
!Le deseo “Mucha Suerte”!

Last, but not least, don’t hesitate to send any queries to the email address mentioned above.

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