Learn the language, but not just for the exam

Hi, everyone

I have always believed learning a language is not merely about studying it in school, but you should make contact with that country’s lifestyle by reading internet articles, watching foreign films and plunging into its culture. Perhaps you cannot afford to go there, but do make pen-pals and have ‘virtual trips’ to each other’s country, by recording important events, festivals, parties and exchanging them with your pen pals.

You can attempt to introduce your school, sports club, some other friends in French, Spanish or German and they may do the same in English. This is how you help each other improve use of language and learn more about the living environment. Thus, you will discover it is not that hard and you’ll grow to learn the language and not feel overwhelmed with another burden of an exam.

Trust me, I speak from experience. I went to Germany a few days ago, and, although I hardly know any German, I endeavoured to speak, asking for directions. So, what if I made mistakes? Everybody does, but the fruit of satisfaction is so sweet when you learn to make them work for you. But to achieve this, have the courage, DARE TO ATTEMPT!


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