I teach at my pupils’ places or online.I do believe my pupils feel more familiar, relaxed and comfortable within their own premises. I hold a CRB – well, 2 in fact: one from an agency, one from Middlesex University.
Normally I do one-to-one tuition (via Skype), but, by request, I am able to do pair/ group tuition (using a group virtual learning environment) and the fee will be modified accordingly.
I am available afternoons and weekends, but I do charge 50% of the tuition fee, if no 48- hr of cancellation notice is given, or 100% if no 24-hr cancellation notice is provided.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Type Hourly Rate
11+ exam English, French, Spanish £25.00/hr
13+ exam (Common Entrance) English, French, Spanish £26.00/hr
A-level English £30.00/hr
A-level French £30.00/hr
Business English £28.00/hr
English as a Foreign Language (EFL/ESOL/EAL) £26.00/hr
Essay Writing £35.00/hr
Basic/Holidays French £28.00/hr
GCSE English £28.00/hr
Advanced/Specialised French £28.00/hr
GCSE Spanish £28.00/hr
Cambridge FCE/ Advanced £28.00/hr
IELTS £28.00/hr
Cambridge Proficiency £30.00/hr
Key Stage 2 English £24.00/hr
Key Stage 2 French £24.00/hr
Key Stage 2 Spanish £24.00/hr
Key Stage 3 English £26.00/hr
Key Stage 3 French £26.00/hr
Key Stage 3 Spanish £26.00/hr
Basic/Holidays/Conversational Spanish £26.00/hr
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