The Advantages of Online Tuition

The world evolves. Technology plays a significant part in our lives, whether we like it or not.

We use the Internet to keep ourselves up-to-date with world events and keep in contact with our dear friends, family and colleagues. Nowadays, job interviews are done via Skype, so can’t we have online lessons? Well, shall I let you into a little secret? We wouldn’t be the first. The Open University has been offering online tuition since 1998!

It is true, we do miss human interaction and cannot observe facial expressions. But what can there be done? Let’s take my example_for, they say, personal experience is best evidence. For personal and professional reasons I had to move to another place. Obviously, I had to give notice to my pupils that I wouldn’t be able to visit them home any longer. Some of them could not continue, however it is hard for a student to change the learning styles s/he has adopted under the guidance of a specific (and,perhaps, special tutor)…and this is how we have agreed to meet online. In addition to that, I, myself, talk online to native speakers of English, French and Spanish and have, throughout the years, acquired good pronunciation and real-life vocabulary.

Is it worth doing it? I would honestly say it is and there are even some advantages to learning online. These advantages are:

  1. There will be technical coaching every time (I’ll be there for support, should anything go wrong)
  2. Distance course means that everything can be recorded and re-listened to at later times (pronunciation, grammar and spelling issues can be addressed retrospectively, even when not during the actual lessons).
  3. There will be a fixed time, pre-checked half an hour earlier, so no outside interference can occur, as it was happening when I had to physically travel to my pupils.
  4. Should we need 24 hour notice (not 48- hour notice, as for the regular classes), we can reschedule the lesson quite easily.
  5. There are no travel expenses and we can be more comfortable in our own environment.

Willing to give it a go? It’s easy. I have the necessary software and knowledge to be shared. All you need is good internet connection, a pair of headphones, a microphone, trust and determination to learn. The chance is just there, under your nose, just GRAB IT!


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